We Are Atlantic Canada’s Water & Air Experts

Established in 1998, Intermax Water Group, Inc. has been providing quality water & air testing and treatment for over 20 years.

Air & Water Testing

Intermax provides quality, cost-effective water and air quality analysis, to ensure a safe environment for you and your family.

Air & Water Treatment

We provide a wide array of tailored water treatment solutions for hard water and the removal of bacteria, radon, and toxins.

Professional Consultation

Our consultants are professional, have extensive knowledge, and are ready to help provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Breathe Easy

Protect your family against potentially dangerous gases and molds. Test your home’s air quality today.

Affordable Solutions

Let’s design a custom solution for you. We provide testing and treatment for all needs and budgets.

Tap Into Healthy Water

Water the way it should taste, right from your tap. Our custom filtration solutions handle any water problem.

Professional Service

Quality service you can trust: Our local experts have professional knowledge of your specific area’s water and air.

Financially Supporting

The following great organizations.

Intermax Water Group is active in supporting our immediate communities and are proud to support the following charitable organizations:

What You Need To Know: Indepth Articles

We test for these common well water contaminants:

Dissolved salts and minerals
Trace elements and heavy metals
Farm chemicals and nitrates
Bacteria and other pathogens

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Did you know? Water from private water supplies should be tested twice a year when the water supply is most at risk.