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Our primary aim is to improve your peace of mind through
quality air & water testing and treatment.

Water Air

Expert Sampling & Testing

Water Testing

As a private well owner, you should test your water to ensure that your well water is safe to drink. Your well water should be tested regularly in order to ensure that it is clear of bacteria and other contaminants.

Water from private water supplies should be routinely tested twice a year for Total Coliform and E.coli when the water supply is most at risk, such as after the spring thaw and during the autumn rainy season.

Our experts test your well water for common contaminants, such as bacteria and other pathogens, dissolved salts and minerals, farm chemicals and nitrates, as well as trace elements and heavy metals.

Clean. Healthy. Pure.

Water Treatment

01. Collecting a Sample

You don’t have to collect your own sample. Our Intermax water experts routinely drop by for an in-home visit to correctly collect a sample to send for extensive testing.

02. Quality Testing

Approved testing methodology and equipment ensure accurate results. Although we’re not an accredited lab, we contract accredited labs upon your request.

03. Results & Analysis

Our qualified specialists are committed to the expert sampling and testing of your air & water, and provide a timely, professional interpretation of your results.

Breathe Easy

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The government of Canada encourages you to test your home for radon. Every home should also have a carbon monoxide alarm and smoke detectors. Carbon monoxide can only be detected with a certified carbon monoxide alarm.

Indoor air can often be more contaminated than air we breathe outside. The health and wellness of your family is invaluable, and you can breathe easy knowing that we above all strive to accommodate your needs and budget.

If your air quality problem is simple enough, you may be able to fix it yourself at the source. However, if it is a more complex problem to fix, our experts can test and treat for chemicals and moulds, improving your indoor air quality.

Clean. Healthy. Pure.

Air Treatment

In-home air quality analysis & treatment

Intermax conducts an in-home air quality analysis and provides you with a detailed report along with recommendations for improvement so you can breathe easy knowing your home provides a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Our experts uncover any hidden dangers or harmful contaminants that could cause you and your family to feel sluggish, unfocused, fatigued or even ill. Your wellness and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Our custom solutions clean your indoor air and create purer, richer, more oxygenated and breathable air for your home and workplace.:

Air Filtration & Purification Systems
Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Systems
Professional Installation and Maintenance

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